ION nominated for RES Awards

On 17 May, the first Real Estate Society Awards ceremony will be held at Tour & Taxis. With these awards, the Real Estate Society (RES) puts the best Belgian real estate projects in the spotlight. ION’s own VIVES Student / Kortrijk Campus is nominated in the category ‘Best Development for Institutional Investors’.

This category highlights new projects that improve residents’ productivity, health and flexibility. In addition, the projects provide significant added value to the surrounding environment.


ION developed this project at the request of VIVES University of Applied Sciences, and it consists of two parts. In September of 2017, the VIVES Campus in Kortrijk opened its doors. The modern design by dmvA Architects is a real eye-catcher in the city. The new campus consists of a transparent base, enveloped by an artificial skin, connected seamlessly to the VIVES buildings in the back by way of a bridge.

The second part, VIVES Student, consists of 126 rooms, a commercial space, a multifunctional space and a dining area. VIVES Student is a design by Adins & van Looveren.

The other two categories are ‘Best Residential Development’ and ‘Best (Semi-) Public Development’. For all the details, go to

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